Adjudicatory Mitigation

Individuals whose errors in judgment and action have generated criminal charges as a result of their emotional dysregulation and addiction often require assistance to secure the most humane and restorative treatment in courts. David Petersen performs efficient assessments and narrates uncommonly realistic and logical assessments that inform and offer recommendations to those courts.

As the state and federal judicial systems begin what is seen by some as a cyclical shift in approach (W. Kaminer) with criminal cases, mitigation has become a more welcomed consideration than over the past few decades. A shift back to restorative (vs retributive) justice has opened the doors for greater consideration.

David Petersen performs comprehensive, relevant psychosocial assessments in the forensic arena that assist defense lawyers and prosecutors in offering judges, magistrates and juries’ perspective that informs their discernment about what best serves justice for all involved parties. That includes the children of offenders, victims of their crimes, and all others deemed essential by the jurists and experts.

As an informed expert in criminal justice, in both personal and professional experience, David is often thanked for sifting through to essential matters that don’t require the extensive, costly measures that longstanding, conventional clinical expertise has provided in the same said recent decades.

(Kaminer, Wendy. It’s All The Rage: Crime and Culture, Basic Books, 1996.)

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