Clinical Intervention Overview

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Clinical Intervention Overview

David Petersen provides a clinical intervention service that engages families in a therapeutic coaching initiative. It follows a consensus perspective of intervention that aims to establish unanimity among the family and friends of an individual whose mental health is severely impaired by behavioral dysregulation and/or disordered substance use.

Within this approach, only families and friends who are willing to prioritize their own mental health alongside that of the prospective patient.  Both individually and collectively, all will benefit. This counter-intuitive perspective requires a personal investment that many are unwilling to make, whose needs are often not best served by contemporary interventionists who lack advanced clinical training and credentials.

"Unconditional Love with Conditional Support"

This type of approach is dismissed as ‘passe’ by the majority of contemporary mental health and substance use treatment providers, for its similarity to ‘Tough Love.’  It is necessary to recognize the delicate and complex facets of Tough Love and build from them to help a family support circle to formulate and maintain an optimal support plan.  The approach is uniquely consensus-driven.

Families and friends of suffering individuals find invaluable affirmation and direction with David Petersen, primary interventionist.  Along with David, various clinical associates and logisticians may assist in each intervention as needed.

David Petersen accepts complete clinical responsibility and liability for preparation, diagnostics, and outcomes of interventions endeavored.  David Petersen does not participate in social media-driven, non-clinical intervention practice dialogues on the internet that fuel the bulk of current-day interventions.

Roles are established by initial consultation:

Prospective Patient

Person with an unregulated mood disorder and/or substance use disorder.

Responsible Party

Person assuming financial responsibility


Person who helps establish support circle roster and distribute information among participants.


Persons who have personal equity and active concern in the prospective patient’s life and health

Intervention Phases (Two or more days in process)

Phase 1:

Gather without the prospective patient present to share information, establish unanimity with consensus and prepare the invitation.

(70% of the work)

Phase 2:

Forge & set the response plan for recommended treatment

(10% of work)

Phase 3:

Bring prospective patient into the invitation

(20% of work)

Phase 4:

Transport patient to detoxification and other recommended treatments OR activate planned changes chosen by participants

(Process Complete)

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