In my teen years, I abused illicit drugs within a ‘counterculture’ lifestyle. After being identified for robberies I committed to support a $200 per day heroin habit, and realizing the severity of my addiction & offenses, I surrendered. In 1977 at age 22, I began serving the lenient prison sentence given to me in light of my voluntary surrender.

Throughout my four-year stay in the Texas Department of Corrections, I was a model inmate. My utilization of education, health, and personal growth resources within the system was matched by consistent self-improvement and service within that community.

Since my release from prison in 1981, I have continued to live a productive, responsible life. In 1990 and 1991, two parole boards under successive gubernatorial administrations recommended me for Full Pardon. To date, my ascendance out of active addiction spans beyond forty years.

This explanation is composed for the review of persons who might utilize my experience and skills for the betterment of the community, in both professional and lay settings. Statistical data regarding this matter often needed for administrative or security clearance is listed below. Thank you for your interest and attention in this regard.

Statistical Data


Aggravated Robbery (2)

Cause Numbers:



District Court, 186th Judicial District of Texas
300 Dolorosa San Antonio, TX 78205-3030

Presiding Judge:

Honorable James E. Barlow


Eight years per cause, concurrent


Discharged, March 8, 1981

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