David Petersen

In a clinical consensus model of intervention, significant persons play a major role in the immediate response to an identified patient’s needs. Whether the problem is one of drug addiction or unregulated mental health (dysregulation), the significant persons form a mutual circle of support for themselves and the patient
David Petersen provides a clinical intervention service that engages families in a therapeutic coaching that aims to establish unanimity among the family and friends of an individual whose mental health is severely impaired by behavioral dysregulation and/or disordered substance use.
David Petersen's curriculum vitae is a credential-based working history providing a comprehensive listing of his education, certifications, research experience, and professional affiliations and memberships. Viewable for anyone wishing to establish a professional connection with David and his work.
This explanation is composed for the review of persons who might utilize David Petersen's experience and skills for the betterment of the community, in both professional and lay settings

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