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Intrepid Interventions: Setting the Stage for Recovery

If your family is in crisis because of a loved one’s addiction, Intrepid Interventions can help.

Even when family members agree that something must be done, it can be difficult to determine exactly what that “something” is. Family dysfunction and emotional exhaustion can complicate efforts to establish trust and agreement about the best way to deal with the addict. Families need professional support to address these issues and create a plan to support the addicted loved one’s return to health.

David facilitates family discussions that culminate in mutual transparency and consensus. Family members and friends find healing for themselves and rediscover their own sanity, and addicts have the opportunity to set their foot on the path to a new life. Through intervention and continuing care, many addicts overcome their challenges and rebuild their lives.

David and his associates can help you or your loved one address all manner of problems related to addiction, including the addict’s damage to personal relationships, child custody problems, criminal/legal problems, medical concerns, and professional crises. If you or your loved one needs support dealing with any of these common issues Intrepid Interventions offers qualified, experienced professional support.

When your family is suffering, there is no time to waste. When an addict is using, dark possibilities are not far away—things like escalating legal troubles, destruction of family relationships, and darkest of all, death by overdose. Take action. Contact Intrepid Interventions now.